#1 elen's model is a scam von neerpinna 11.11.2013 19:04

I just found this site...there was a posting from a woman that really grabbed my attention...It was the same man with all the same details albeit a few minor changes. The name was exactly the same Joseph Robert Williams, from Switzerland, father with cleaning business, died in a car crash, moved mother to the states to live with him, she had a jewelry business, he came here at the age of 20 to go to college and stayed...Wife died, raising son on his own. Really pulling at your heart strings...falling in love without meeting the whole nine yards...Then when we are supposed to meet...all of a sudden the trip to Africa is set in motion...he will send me a phone number etc...the only thing that he didn't get around to was to ask for money...which I don't have...and I wouldn't have done it anyhow...Yes we did exchange addresses and phone numbers...big mistake...I have called the bank and credit reporting agencies. I will also be calling the cops...I don't know if there is anything that they can do but at least if I report it...it is on record...So ladies beware...the picture of the man is extremely good looking...he gets you with...oh I fell in love with your smile...what a crock...if it sounds to good to be true...remember is usually is! Oh and yes he uses yahoo messenger and says he doesn't like to talk on the phone and wants you to talk to his son...really plays it to the hilt!

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