#1 Amazon Is Considering Adding ‘French Language’ Support in Alexa to Capture French Market von brendamillerus 04.10.2018 12:06

Amazon has unveiled new models of connected devices. If the US group has still not announced a launch for France, it continues with its panoply to get ahead of its competitors. Sooner or later, Amazon Echo and associated devices will sport the French language because by adding French language, Amazon will not just tap the market of France, but several French-speaking nations as well, with the most prominent being Canada.
Amazon exploits the vein of the personal voice assistant in all fields: in speakers, an improved videophone, a tablet. All sold each time less than $150. For the moment, none are sold by Amazon in France. But the most passionate can get them online, via other sellers. The absence in France is both cultural and linguistic.
Alexa is a bilingual English-German, not yet multilingual. The launch in other languages is delayed. Part of the Francophone ecosystem eyeing this solution to integrate it to its own connected objects. But, they will probably have to wait for long months before seeing the French version arrive. According to our information, nothing should be expected before the end of the first quarter of 2018.
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